Original paper

Oxygen thermobarometry of the Semail harzburgite massif, Oman and United Arab Emirates

Nasir, Sobhi

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 8 Number 1 (1996), p. 153 - 164

46 references

published: Feb 22, 1996
manuscript accepted: Oct 9, 1995
manuscript received: Feb 1, 1995

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/8/1/0153

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Abstract Mössbauer spectra for 15 spinels separated from sub-oceanic, upper-mantle tectonic peridotites from the Ibra, Hatta and Dibba areas, Semail massif, were measured in an effort to determine their Fe3+ contents. The determined Fe3+ fractions were used to calculate oxygen fugacity. The average ΔfO2 (relative to FMQ) is -1.11 ± 0.4 log-units. This is in agreement with that reported for abyssal peridotites (-0.9 ± 0.7 log units relative to FMQ) and the orogenic massif of Ronda (-1.1 ±0.7 relative to FMQ), and in contrast to the oxidized continental xenolith (+0.24 ± 0.5 relative to FMQ).


Semail massifOmanUnited Arab Emiratesoxygen fugacitythermobarometry