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The 500 Ma-old Thy on metagranite: a new A-type granite occurrence in the western Penninic Alps (Wallis, Switzerland)

Bussy, Francois; Derron, Marc-Henri; Jacquod, Jérôme; Sartori, Mario; Thelin, Philippe

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 8 Number 3 (1996), p. 565 - 576

46 references

published: Jun 17, 1996
manuscript accepted: Jan 16, 1996
manuscript received: Feb 9, 1995

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/8/3/0565

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Abstract The Thyon metagranite is located in the frontal part of the Siviez-Mischabel Nappe, in the western Penninic Alps. It is intrusive in a poΓymetamorphic banded volcanic complex as leucocratic concordant sills with pseudoaplitic rims. A distinct metamorphic schistosity is defined by dark-green Fe-rich biotite. Abundant mesoperthites, chess-board albite and low microcline are presumably related to magmatic stages and/or greenschist-facies metamorphic retrogression. Major, trace element and REE geochemistry, zircon typology, Y and Nb-bearing accessory minerals such as fergusonite and euxenite, all point to a metaluminous to peraluminous alkaline A-type granite. High-precision U-Pb zircon dating yielded a sub-concordant age of 500 +3/-4 Ma. The Thyon metagranite is the third record of a Cambro-Ordovician alkaline magmatic activity in the Alps. As A-type granitic magmatism is common in post-orogenic to anorogenic extensional tectonic regime, the Thyon intrusion could mark the transition between the Cadomian and the Caledonian orogenies.


A-type granitezircon typologyU-Pb geochronologyCambro-Ordovicianextensional regimePenninic Alps