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Two plumbian tetrahedrite-tennantite occurrences from Maronia area (Thrace) and Milos island (Aegean sea), Greece

Vavelidis, Michael; Melfos, Vasiπos

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 9 Number 3 (1997), p. 653 - 658

22 references

published: Jun 2, 1997
manuscript accepted: Feb 18, 1997
manuscript received: Sep 10, 1996

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/9/3/0653

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Abstract Plumbian tetrahedrite-tennantite occurs in the porphyry Cu-Mo mineralization, Maronia area (Thrace) and in the Kuroko-type polymetallic mineralization, Milos island (Aegean sea). Microprobe analyses indicate that the tennantite from the Maronia area contains 1.55 wt % Pb and the tetrahedrite 12.31 to 10.28 wt % Pb, the highest that recorded in fahlore-group minerals. Tetrahedrite from Milos island contains lead concentrations between 0.52 and 2.30 wt % and the tennatite 0.38 wt %. Significant Ag contents (12.46 to 12.60 wt %) are also present in this tetrahedrite. Lead is possibly incorporated in the crystal structure of tetrahedrite-tennantite as Pb2+ and occupies the tetrahedral sites in the structure, replacing Zn2+ and Fe2+.


plumbian tetrahedrite-tennantitechemical compositionMaronia areaMilos islandGreece.