Original paper

Raman spectra of various types of tourmaline

Gasharova, Biliana; Mihailova, Boriana; Konstantinov, Ludmil

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 9 Number 5 (1997), p. 935 - 940

9 references

published: Sep 24, 1997
manuscript accepted: May 28, 1997
manuscript received: Jan 5, 1996

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/9/5/0935

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Abstract A large number of different tourmalines are investigated by Raman spectroscopy in the spectral range 150-1550 cm-1. According to their chemical composition, the studied tourmalines can be classified into three main groups: buergerite-schorl, Gl; elbaite-type, G2; and dravite-buergerite-uvite, G3. It is shown that the same classification of tourmalines can be established on the basis of their Raman spectra. Bands for Gl are centred at about 230 and 670 cm-1, the spectra being characterized by a single peak at 238 ±2 cm"1 and three resolved peaks at 635 ±3, 674±3 and 697 ±3 cm-1; G2 has a sharp peak at 224±2 and two well separated peaks, one at 638 ±3 cm-1 and the other higher than 707 cm-1; G3 is characterized by two peaks at 215 ±3 and 237 + 3 cm-1, with a smoothed spectral band centred at about 670 cm-1.


tourmalineRaman spectroscopy