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Thermodynamic properties of gallium hydroxide oxide (α-GaOOH) at temperatures to 700 K

Pokrovski, Gleb S.; Diakonov, Igor I.; Bénézeth, Pascale; Gurevich, Vyacheslav M.; Gavrichev, Kοnstantin S.; Gorbunov, Vadim E.; Dandurand, Jean-Lοuis; Schott, Jacques; Khodakovsky, Igor L.

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 9 Number 5 (1997), p. 941 - 952

30 references

published: Sep 24, 1997
manuscript accepted: Mar 20, 1997
manuscript received: Oct 23, 1996

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/9/5/0941

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Abstract The standard molal thermodynamic properties of α-GaOOH at temperatures to 700 K were retrieved from (1) low-temperature α-GaOOH heat capacity measurements, (2) solubility measurements ofα-GaOOH and ß-Ga2O3, and (3) data available for the α-GaOOH - ß-Ga2O3 transformation in the presence of aqueous solution. The heat capacity of α-GaOOH as a function of temperature was found to be consistent with the formulation CP° = 54.38 + 0.06418 T - 11.3 105/T2 (J/mol.K) in the temperature range 298-700 K. The estimated standard molal entropy of α-GaOOH from low-temperature heat capacity measurements is 51.61 ±0.26 J/mol.K. The estimated standard molal Gibbs free energy of formation from the elements for α-GaOOH as retrieved from α-GaOOH and ß-Ga2O3 solubility experiments and available stability data was -627.9 ± 2.0 kJ/mol. The corresponding α-GaOOH standard molal enthalpy of formation from the elements was found to be -705.3 ± 2.5 kJ/mol. These data allowed the prediction of the thermodynamic properties of α-GaOOH to high temperatures and demonstrate that α-GaOOH and ß-Ga2O3 are the stable solid phases in the Ga-O-H system at saturated water vapour pressure below and above 573 K, respectively


gallium oxidegallium hydroxide oxidethermodynamic propertiessolubility