Original paper

Quantitative determination of mineral abundance in geological samples using combined cathodoluminescence microscopy and image analysis

Götze, Jens; Magnus, Michael

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 9 Number 6 (1997), p. 1207 - 1216

17 references

published: Dec 2, 1997
manuscript accepted: May 28, 1997
manuscript received: Jun 24, 1996

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/9/6/1207

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Abstract The abundance of certain mineral phases is often difficult to quantify in rock samples using conventional analytical methods such as polarizing microscopy, X-ray diffraction or chemical bulk analysis. This is especially true if samples consist of fine-grained material and/or of minerals with similar optical or crystallographic properties. The present study shows that high-contrast images of several minerals can be produced using hot-cathode luminescence (CL) microscopy, leading to subsequent quantification by image analysis. Certain minerals can be distinguished and quantified due to their luminescence properties in samples of Lower Turonian sandstone (e.g. quartz, feldspar, kaolinite and carbonates). The advantages of the method presented are: (l) CL and optical microscopy images can be compared directly; (2) the method can be readily automated; and (3) additional information (grain-size distribution, roundness, pore space) can be obtained simultaneously using computer-aided image analysis.


cathodoluminescenceimage analysissemi-quantitative mineral analysis