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European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 25 Number 6

2014. 135 pages, 21x28cm, 490 g
Language: English

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Original paper

Equation of state and a high-pressure structural phase transition in the gillespite-structured phase Ba0.5Sr0.5CuSi4O10

Knight, Kevin S.; Marshall, William G.; B. Henderson, C. Michael; Chamberlain, Andrew A.

p. 909-917, published: Feb 28, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052506001 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2333

Original paper

Petrology of microdiamond-bearing schists from the Torrox unit, Betic Cordillera, Spain

Ruiz Cruz, Maria Dolores; Sanz De Galdeano, Carlos

p. 919-933, published: Feb 28, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052506002 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2337

Original paper

Solid solution between potassic alkali amphiboles from the silica-rich Kvaløya lamproite, West Troms Basement Complex, northern Norway

Kullerud, Kåre; Zozulya, Dmitry; Erambert, Muriel; Ravna, Erling J. K.

p. 935-945, published: Feb 28, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052506003 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2340

Original paper

Atomistic simulations of mixing properties and the local structure of the (Ca, Sr)10[PO4]6F2 solid solution

Goryaeva, Alexandra M.; Urusov, Vadim S.; Eremin, Nikolay N.

p. 947-955, published: Feb 28, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052506004 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2338

Original paper

Thermal behaviour of cinnabar, α-HgS, and the kinetics of the β-HgS (metacinnabar) - α-HgS conversion at room temperature

Ballirano, Paolo; Botticelli, Michela; Maras, Adriana

p. 957-965, published: Feb 28, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052506005 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2341

Original paper

Micas, feldspars and columbite-tantalite minerals from the zoned granitic lepidolite-subtype pegmatite at Namivo, Alto Ligonha, Mozambique

Neiva, Ana M. R.

p. 967-985, published: Feb 28, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052506006 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2335

Original paper

Colourless aegirine in metamorphic rocks from Bayan Obo (Inner Mongolia): lack of charge transfer transitions as possible explanation

Ribeiro Da Costa, Isabel; Rodrigues, Pedro C.R.; Barriga, Fernando J.A.S.; Rona, Peter A.; Nunes, Carla D.; Vaz, Pedro D.

p. 987-993, published: Feb 28, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052506007 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2283

Original paper

The status of zaratite: investigation of the type specimen from Cape Ortegal, Galicia, Spain

Garcia-Guinea, Javier; Iglesia, Angel La; Crespo-Feo, Elena; González Del Tánago, José; Correcher, Virgilio

p. 995-1004, published: Feb 28, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052506008 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2273

Original paper

Lead-antimony sulfosalts from Tuscany (Italy). XIV. Disulfodadsonite, Pb11Sb13S30(S2)0.5, a new mineral from the Ceragiola marble quarry, Apuan Alps: occurrence and crystal structure

Orlandi, Paolo; Biagioni, Cristian; Moëlo, Yves; Bonaccorsi, Elena

p. 1005-1016, published: Feb 28, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052506009 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2330

Original paper

Tubulite, ~Ag2Pb22Sb20S53, a new Pb-Ag-Sb sulfosalt from Le Rivet quarry, Peyrebrune ore field (Tarn, France) and Biò, Borgofranco mines, Borgofranco d'Ivrea (Piedmont, Italy)

Moëlo, Yves; Pecorini, Robert; Ciriotti, Marco E.; Meisser, Nicolas; Caldes, Maria Teresa; Orlandi, Paolo; Petit, Pierre-Emmanuel; Martini, Bruno; Salvetti, Adrio

p. 1017-1030, published: Feb 28, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052506010 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2334

Original paper

Jasrouxite, a new Pb-Ag-As-Sb member of the lillianite homologous series from Jas Roux, Hautes-Alpes, France

Topa, Dan; Makovicky, Emil; Favreau, Georges; Bourgoin, Vincent; Boulliard, Jean-Claude; Zagler, Georg; Putz, Hubert

p. 1031-1038, published: Feb 28, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052506011 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2336


Vesuvianite in high-pressure-metamorphosed oceanic lithosphere (Raspas Complex, Ecuador) and its role for transport of water and trace elements in subduction zones

Halama, Ralf; Savov, Ivan P.; Garbe-Schönberg, Dieter; Schenk, Volker; Toulkeridis, Theofilos

p. 1039-1039, published: Feb 28, 2014

DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2361


A revised Michel-Lévy interference colour chart based on first-principles calculations

Sørensen, Bjørn Eske

p. 1041-1041, published: Feb 28, 2014

DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2364

Original paper


Editors, EJM

p. 1043-1044, published: Feb 28, 2014

DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2368

Number 5

Geo-Raman X

Nancy, 11-13 June 2012

Ed.: J. Dubessy

2014. 192 pages, 21x28cm, 640 g
Language: English

ArtNo. ES147052505, paperback, price: 73.00 €

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Original paper

Preface: Geo-Raman X

Dubessy, Jean

p. 713-713, published: Jan 3, 2014

DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2359

Original paper

Scanning time-resolved standoff Raman instrument for large-area mineral detection on planetary surfaces

Sharma, Shiv K.; Porter, John N.; Misra, Anupam K.; Helsley, Charles E.; Bates, David E.

p. 715-720, published: Jan 3, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052505002 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2303

Original paper

Analysis of the scientific capabilities of the ExoMars Raman Laser Spectrometer instrument

Lopez-Reyes, Guillermo; Rull, Fernando; Venegas, Gloria; Westall, Frances; Foucher, Frédéric; Bost, Nicolas; Sanz, Aurelio; Catalá-Espí, Alejandro; Vegas, Alberto; Hermosilla, Isaac; Sansano, Antonio; Medina, Jesus

p. 721-733, published: Jan 3, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052505003 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2317

Original paper

Raman spectroscopy as a tool to study the solubility of CO2 in magnesium sulphate brines: application to the fluids of Europa's cryomagmatic reservoirs

Bonales, Laura . J.; Muñoz-Iglesias, Victoria; Prieto-Ballesteros, Olga

p. 735-743, published: Jan 3, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052505004 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2312

Original paper

Improved calibrations for Raman-spectroscopic determinations of CO2 in cordierite using three excitation wavelengths (488, 515 and 633 nm)

Haefeker, Udo; Kaindl, Reinhard; Tropper, Peter

p. 745-753, published: Jan 3, 2014

DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2276

Original paper

Fused-silica capillary capsules (FSCCs) as reference synthetic aqueous fluid inclusions to determine chlorinity by Raman spectroscopy

Caumon, Marie-Camille; Dubessy, Jean; Robert, Pascal; Tarantola, Alexandre

p. 755-763, published: Jan 3, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052505006 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2280

Original paper

Experimental study of uranyl(VI) chloride complex formation in acidic LiCl aqueous solutions under hydrothermal conditions (T = 21 C?350 °C, Psat) using Raman spectroscopy

Dargent, Maxime; Dubessy, Jean; Truche, Laurent; Bazarkina, Elena F.; Nguyen-Trung, Chinh; Robert, Pascal

p. 765-775, published: Jan 3, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052505007 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2319

Original paper

Speciation and amphoteric behaviour of water in aluminosilicate melts and glasses: high-temperature Raman spectroscopy and reaction equilibria

Le Losq, Charles; Moretti, Roberto; Neuville, Daniel R.

p. 777-790, published: Jan 3, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052505008 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2322

Original paper

The role of water in coesite crystallization from silica gel

Arasuna, Akane; Okuno, Masayuki; Mizukami, Tomoyuki; Akaogi, Masaki; Yokoyama, Tsukasa; Okudera, Hiroki; Arai, Shoji

p. 791-796, published: Jan 3, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052505009 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2331

Original paper

Moganite detection in silica rocks using Raman and infrared spectroscopy

Schmidt, Patrick; Bellot-Gurlet, Ludovic; Leá, Vanessa; Sciau, Philippe

p. 797-805, published: Jan 3, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052505010 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2274

Original paper

Origin of K-cymrite and kokchetavite in the polyphase mineral inclusions from Kokchetav UHP calc-silicate rocks: evidence from confocal Raman imaging

Mikhno, Anastasia O.; Schmidt, Ute; Korsakov, Andrey V.

p. 807-816, published: Jan 3, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052505011 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2321

Original paper

Rockbridgeite inclusion in rock crystal from Galileia region, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Faulstich, Fabiano R.L.; Schnellrath, Jurgen; De Oliveira, Luiz F.C.; Scholz, Ricardo

p. 817-823, published: Jan 3, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052505012 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2307

Original paper

Eitelite in sheared peridotite xenoliths from Udachnaya-East kimberlite pipe (Russia) ? a new locality and host rock type

Sharygin, Igor S.; Golovin, Alexander V.; Korsakov, Andrey V.; Pokhilenko, Nikolay P.

p. 825-834, published: Jan 3, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052505013 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2315

Original paper

Structural characteristics of shungite carbon subjected to contact metamorphism overprinted by greenschist-facies regional metamorphism

Chazhengina, Svetlana Y.; Kovalevski, Vladimir V.

p. 835-843, published: Jan 3, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052505014 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2327

Original paper

Micro-Raman investigation of pigments and carbonate phases in corals and molluscan shells

Bergamonti, Laura; Bersani, Danilo; Mantovan, Silvia; Lottici, Pier Paolo

p. 845-853, published: Jan 3, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052505015 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2318

Original paper

Investigation of pigment degradation due to acetic acid vapours: Raman spectroscopic analysis

De Laet, Nathalie; Lycke, Sylvia; Van Pevenage, Jolien; Moens, Luc; Vandenabeele, Peter

p. 855-862, published: Jan 3, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052505016 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2298

Original paper

Rocks as blue, green and black pigments/dyes of glazed pottery and enamelled glass artefacts ? A review

Colomban, Philippe

p. 863-879, published: Jan 3, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052505017 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2305

Original paper

The key role of micro-Raman spectroscopy in the study of ancient pottery: the case of pre-classical Jordanian ceramics from the archaeological site of Khirbet al-Batrawy

Medeghini, Laura; Mignardi, Silvano; De Vito, Caterina; Bersani, Danilo; Lottici, Pier Paolo; Turetta, Mariangela; Costantini, Jennifer; Bacchini, Elena; Sala, Maura; Nigro, Lorenzo

p. 881-893, published: Jan 3, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052505018 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2332

Original paper

Raman and Infrared reflection spectroscopic study of pre-Columbian Mesoamerican pottery

Ostrooumov, Mikhail; Gogichaishvili, Avtandil

p. 895-905, published: Jan 3, 2014

ArtNo. ESP147052505019 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2304

Number 4

emc2012, Frankfurt/Main: European Mineralogical Conference 2012

Guest Editors:: G. Brey; H. Höfer

2013. 213 pages, 21x28cm, 680 g
Language: English

ArtNo. ES147052504, paperback, price: 73.00 €

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Original paper

European Mineralogical Conference 2012

Brey, Gerhard; Höfer, Heidi

p. 497-498, published: Aug 1, 2013

DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2356

Original paper

Al-B substitution in the system albite (NaAlSi3O8)?reedmergnerite (NaBSi3O8)

Wunder, Bernd; Stefanski, Johannes; Wirth, Richard; Gottschalk, Matthias

p. 499-508, published: Aug 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052504002 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2286

Original paper

BaYb6(Si2O7)2(Si3O10) ? the first silicate containing both Si2O7 and Si3O10 groups: synthesis, crystal chemistry and topology

Wierzbicka-Wieczorek, Maria; Kolitsch, Uwe

p. 509-517, published: Aug 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052504003 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2289

Original paper

Platinum-group minerals (PGM) nuggets from alluvial-eluvial placer deposits in the concentrically zoned mafic-ultramafic Uktus complex (Central Urals, Russia)

Zaccarini, Federica; Pushkarev, Evgeny; Garuti, Giorgio; Krause, Joachim; Dvornik, Gennady . P; Stanley, Chris; Bindi, Luca

p. 519-531, published: Aug 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052504004 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2296

Original paper

Susceptibility of mineral phases of steel slags towards carbonation: mineralogical, morphological and chemical assessment

Bodor, Marius; Santos, Rafael M.; Kriskova, Lubica; Elsen, Jan; Vlad, Maria; Van Gerven, Tom

p. 533-549, published: Aug 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052504005 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2300

Original paper

Growth and post-growth defects in a diamond from Finsch mine (South Africa)

Agrosì, Giovanna; Tempesta, Gioacchino; Scandale, Eugenio; Harris, Jeff W.

p. 551-559, published: Aug 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052504006 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2301

Original paper

Transmission electron microscopy characterization of the dislocations and slip systems of the dense hydrous magnesium silicate superhydrous B

Mussi, Alexandre; Cordier, Patrick; Frost, Daniel J.

p. 561-568, published: Aug 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052504007 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2308

Original paper

NQR/NMR and Mössbauer spectroscopy of sulfides: potential and versatility

Gainov, Ramil R.; Dooglav, Alexander V.; Vagizov, Farit G.; Pen'kov, Ivan N.; Golovanevskiy, Vladimir A.; Orlova, Anna Yu.; Evlampiev, Il'ya A.; Klekovkina, Vera V.; Klingelhöfer, Göstar; Ksenofontov, Vadim; Mozgova, Nadejhda N.

p. 569-578, published: Aug 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052504008 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2325

Original paper

Experimental constraints in the CMAS system on the Ca-Eskola content of eclogitic clinopyroxene

Knapp, Nadia; Woodland, Alan B.; Klimm, Kevin

p. 579-596, published: Aug 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052504009 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2326

Original paper

Structural controls on the anisotropy of tetrahedral frameworks: the example of monoclinic feldspars

Angel, Ross J.; Ross, Nancy L.; Zhao, Jing; Sochalski-Kolbus, Lindsay; Ger, Hannes Kru ¨; Schmidt, B Urkhardc.

p. 597-614, published: Aug 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052504010 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2323

Original paper

Garnet zonation in metapelitic schists from the Eclogite Zone, Tauern Window, Austria: comparison of observed and calculated profiles

Hoschek, Gert

p. 615-629, published: Aug 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052504011 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2310

Original paper

Compressibility of a natural P4/nnc vesuvianite

Lai, Xiaojing; Zhu, Feng; Qin, Shan; Li, Yanchun; Liu, Jing; Wu, Xiang

p. 631-637, published: Aug 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052504012 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2302

Original paper

Reactive transport modeling of concrete-clay interaction during 15 years at the Tournemire Underground Rock Laboratory

Soler, Josep M.

p. 639-654, published: Aug 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052504013 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2324

Original paper

Umbrianite, K7Na2Ca2[Al3Si10O29]F2Cl2, a new mineral species from melilitolite of the Pian di Celle volcano, Umbria, Italy

Sharygin, Victor V.; Pekov, Igor V.; Zubkova, Natalia V.; Khomyakov, Alexander P.; Stoppa, Francesco; Pushcharovsky, Dmitry Yu.

p. 655-669, published: Aug 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052504014 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2306

Original paper

Chevkinite-group minerals from the mantle-derived metaluminous Woshui syenite of the Emeishan large igneous province

Shellnutt, J. Gregory; Iizuka, Yoshiyuki

p. 671-682, published: Aug 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052504015 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2309

Original paper

Hatertite, Na2(Ca, Na)(Fe3

Krivovichev, Sergey V.; Vergasova, Lidiya P.; Filatov, Stanislav K.; Rybin, Dmitry S.; Britvin, Sergey N.; Ananiev, Vladimir V.

p. 683-691, published: Aug 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052504016 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2311

Original paper

The crystal structure of parnauite: a copper arsenate?sulphate with translational disorder of structural rods

Mills, Stuart J.; Kampf, Anthony R.; McDonald, Andrew M.; Bindi, Luca; Christy, Andrew G.; Kolitsch, Uwe; Favreau, Georges

p. 693-704, published: Aug 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052504017 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2329

Original paper

Moldavite porosity: a 3-D X-ray micro-tomography study

Rantzsch, Ulrike; Franz, Alexandra; Kloess, Gert

p. 705-710, published: Aug 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052504018 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2328

Number 3

EMPG XIV, Kiel: Experimental Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry Symposium

guest ed.: Oliver Beermann; Astrid Holzheid; Philip Kegler

2013. 239 pages, 21x28cm, 770 g
Language: English

ArtNo. ES147052503, paperback, price: 73.00 €

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Original paper

Preface: EMPG XIV

Beermann, Oliver; Holzheid, Astrid; Kegler, Philip

p. 253-253, published: Jun 1, 2013

DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2316

Original paper

Kinetics and dynamics of mass-transfer-controlled mineral and bubble dissolution or growth: a review

Zhang, Youxue

p. 255-266, published: Jun 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052503002 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2292

Original paper

Sulphide melt distribution in partially molten silicate aggregates: implications to core formation scenarios in terrestrial planets

Holzheid, Astrid

p. 267-277, published: Jun 1, 2013

DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2264

Original paper

The reaction mechanism of fluid-induced partial melting of gabbro in the oceanic crust

Wolff, Paul Eric; Koepke, Jürgen; Feig, Sandrin T.

p. 279-298, published: Jun 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052503004 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2314

Original paper

OH in diopside and enstatite at 6 GPa in the system CaO–MgO–SiO2–H2O

Karimova, Asiya; Stalder, Roland

p. 299-305, published: Jun 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052503005 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2253

Original paper

Micro-FTIR imaging: an advanced method for the determination of CO2 and H2O concentration gradients in silicate glasses

Marxer, Holger; Nowak, Marcus

p. 307-316, published: Jun 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052503006 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2299

Original paper

Changes of petrophysical properties of sandstones due to interaction with supercritical carbon dioxide – a laboratory study

Nover, Georg; Von Der Gönna, Jutta; Heikamp, Stephanie; Köster, Jens

p. 317-329, published: Jun 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052503007 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2295

Original paper

Experimental study of dissolution rates of hedenbergitic clinopyroxene at high temperatures: dissolution in water from 25 °C to 374 °C

Zhang, Ronghua; Zhang, Xuetong; Guy, Bernard; Hu, Shumin; De Ligny, Dominique; Moutte, Jacques

p. 353-372, published: Jun 1, 2013

DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2268

Original paper

Features of the formation of cubic BCN phases in comparison with natural and synthetic polycrystalline diamonds

Filonenko, Vladimir P.; Zibrov, Igor P.; Petrovsky, Vitaly A.; Sukharev, Alexander E.

p. 373-383, published: Jun 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052503009 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2245

Original paper

The development of grain boundary orientation distribution in quartz

Castro Gonçalves, Cristiane; Lagoeiro, Leonardo

p. 385-404, published: Jun 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052503010 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2269

Original paper

Octahedral cation distribution in glauconites from Southern Urals by combination of crystal-chemical model and quasi-continuous model-independent quadrupole splitting distributions (QSD) fitted to their Mössbauer spectra

Dainyak, Lidia G.; Rusakov, Viacheslav S.; Sukhorukov, Ivan A.; Drits, Victor A.

p. 405-414, published: Jun 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052503011 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2275

Original paper

Trachyte from the Roman aqueducts of Padua and Este (north-east Italy): a provenance study based on petrography, chemistry and magnetic susceptibility

Maritan, Lara; Mazzoli, Claudio; Sassi, Raffaele; Speranza, Fabio; Zanco, Angela; Zanovello, Paola

p. 415-427, published: Jun 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052503012 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2282

Original paper

Geothermobarometry of very low-grade metamorphic pelites of the Vendian–Early Cambrian Puncoviscana Formation (NW Argentina)

Campo, Margarita Do; Collo, Gilda; Nieto, Fernando

p. 429-451, published: Jun 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052503013 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2284

Original paper

"Invisible" silver in chalcopyrite and bornite from the Mantos Blancos Cu deposit, northern Chile

Reich, Martin; Palacios, Carlos; Barra, Fernando; Chryssoulis, Stephen

p. 453-460, published: Jun 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052503014 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2287

Original paper

Apatite-supergroup minerals in UK Palaeogene granites: composition and relationship to host-rock composition

Macdonald, Ray; Bagiński, Bogusław; Dzierżanowski, Piotr; Jokubauskas, Petras

p. 461-471, published: Jun 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052503015 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2291

Original paper

Reinvestigation of pure Na-nepheline like compounds obtained from the thermal conversion of zeolite LTA

Vulić, Predrag; Kahlenberg, Volker; Gspan, Christian; Dimitrijević, Radovan

p. 473-478, published: Jun 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052503016 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2293

Original paper

Tamarugite-bearing paragenesis formed by sulphate acid alteration in Diana Cave, Romania

Puşcaş, Cristina M.; Onac, Bogdan P.; Effenberger, Herta S.; Povară, Ioan

p. 479-486, published: Jun 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052503017 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2294

Original paper

Transition metals in micas: synthesis and characterization of Co-rich Cs-tainiolite

Koch, Sebastian; Breu, Josef

p. 487-494, published: Jun 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052503018 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2297

Number 2

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 25 Number 2

2013. 129 pages, 21x28cm, 470 g
Language: English

ArtNo. ES147052502, paperback, price: 73.00 €

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Original paper

Hydrothermal replacement of Aragonite by Calcite: interplay between replacement, fracturing and growth

Perdikouri, Christina; Piazolo, Sandra; Kasioptas, Argyrios; Schmidt, Burkhard C.; Putnis, Andrew

p. 123-136, published: Mar 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052502001 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2261

Original paper

Vibrational spectra of BaMn(CO3)2 and a re-analysis of the Raman spectrum of BaMg(CO3)2

Schmidt, Burkhard C.; Gehlken, Peer-Lennart; Böttcher, Michael E.

p. 137-144, published: Mar 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052502002 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2272

Original paper

Origin of twist in 'gwindel' quartz crystals from the Alps: a transmission electron microscopy study

Cordier, Patrick; Heidelbach, Florian

p. 145-153, published: Mar 1, 2013

DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2271

Original paper

Reactions involving famatinite and Fe-Zn tetrahedrite: thermochemical evaluation of phase relations in the Cu-Fe-Sb-S and Cu-Zn-Sb-S end-member systems

Krismer, Matthias; Tropper, Peter

p. 155-163, published: Mar 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052502004 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2270

Original paper

X-ray powder diffraction clustering and quantitative phase analysis on historic mortars

Piovesan, Rebecca; Dalconi, Maria Chiara; Maritan, Lara; Mazzoli, Claudio

p. 165-175, published: Mar 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052502005 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2263

Original paper

Ferrisepiolite: a new mineral from Saishitang copper skarn deposit in Xinghai County, Qinghai Province, China

Xiangping, Gu; Xiande, Xie; Xiangbin, Wu; Guchang, Zhu; Jianqing, Lai; Kenich, Hoshino; Jiwu, Huang

p. 177-186, published: Mar 1, 2013

DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2262

Original paper

Bastnäsite-(Nd), a new Nd-dominant member of the bastnäsite group from the Stetind pegmatite, Tysfjord, Nordland, Norway

Miyawaki, Ritsuro; Yokoyama, Kazumi; Husdal, Tomas A.

p. 187-191, published: Mar 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052502007 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2265

Original paper

Vesuvianite in high-pressure-metamorphosed oceanic lithosphere (Raspas Complex, Ecuador) and its role for transport of water and trace elements in subduction zones

Halama, Ralf; Savov, Ivan P.; Garbe-Schönberg, Dieter; Schenk, Volker; Toulkeridis, Theofilos

p. 193-219, published: Mar 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052502008 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2281

Original paper

Eltyubyuite, Ca12Fe3+10Si4O32Cl6 - the Fe3+ analogue of wadalite: a new mineral from the Northern Caucasus, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia

Galuskin, Evgeny V.; Galuskina, Irina O.; Bailau, Radu; Prusik, Krystian; Gazeev, Viktor M.; Zadov, Aleksandr E.; Pertsev, Nikolai N.; Jeżak, Lidia; Gurbanov, Anatoly G.; Dubrovinsky, Leonid

p. 221-229, published: Mar 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052502009 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2285

Original paper

Dzhuluite, Ca3SbSnFe3+3O12, a new bitikleite-group garnet from the Upper Chegem Caldera, Northern Caucasus, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia

Galuskina, Irina O.; Galuskin, Evgeny V.; Kusz, Joachim; Dzierżanowski, Piotr; Prusik, Krystian; Gazeev, Viktor M.; Pertsev, Nikolai N.; Dubrovinsky, Leonid

p. 231-239, published: Mar 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052502010 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2288

Original paper

Platinum-group elements-bearing pyrite from the Aguablanca Ni-Cu sulphide deposit (SW Spain): a LA-ICP-MS study

Piñ, Rubén; Gervilla, Fernando; Barnes, Sarah-Jane; Ortega, Lorena; Lunar, Rosario

p. 241-252, published: Mar 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052502011 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2290

Number 1

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 25 Number 1

2013. 117 pages, 21x28cm, 430 g
Language: English

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Original paper


Chopin, Christian

p. 3-4, published: Feb 1, 2013

DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2278

Original paper

A revised Michel-Lévy interference colour chart based on first-principles calculations

Sørensen, Bjørn Eske

p. 5-10, published: Feb 1, 2013

DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2252

Original paper

Electrical conductivity of aragonite in the subducted slab

Ono, Shigeaki; Mibe, Kenji

p. 11-15, published: Feb 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052501003 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2254

Original paper

Igneous sapphirine as a product of melt-peridotite interactions in the Finero Phlogopite-Peridotite Massif, Western Italian Alps

Giovanardi, Tommaso; Morishita, Tomoaki; Zanetti, Alberto; Mazzucchelli, Maurizio; Vannucci, Riccardo

p. 17-31, published: Feb 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052501004 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2251

Original paper

First find of ferropseudobrookite in quartz from Napier Complex, East Antarctica

Miyake, Akira; Hokada, Tomokazu

p. 33-38, published: Feb 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052501005 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2256

Original paper

Archaeometric study of the hopper-rubber and rotary Morgantina-type volcanic millstones of the Greek and Roman periods found in the Aeolian archipelago (southern Italy)

Santi, Patrizia; Renzulli, Alberto; Gullo, Riccardo

p. 39-52, published: Feb 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052501006 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2250

Original paper

Lamellar texture and optical anomaly in andradite from the Kamaishi mine, Japan

Badar, Manzoor A.; Niaz, Shanawer; Hussain, Safdar; Akizuki, Mizuhiko

p. 53-60, published: Feb 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052501007 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2234

Original paper

Yukonite-like alteration products (Ca-Fe arsenate and As-rich Fe-oxyhydroxide) formed by in situ weathering in granodiorite, Bi'r Tawilah gold prospect, Saudi Arabia

Surour, Adel A.; Ahmed, Ahmed H.; Harbi, Hesham M.

p. 61-70, published: Feb 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052501008 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2246

Original paper

Laser-induced time-resolved luminescence of natural margarosanite Pb(Ca, Mn)2Si3O9, swedenborgite NaBe4SbO7 and walstromite BaCa2Si3O9

Gaft, Michael; Yeates, H.; Nagli, Lev

p. 71-77, published: Feb 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052501009 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2260

Original paper

Ernstburkeite, Mg(CH3SO3)2·12H2O, a new mineral from Antarctica

Güner, Fatma Elif Genceli; Sakurai, Toshimitsu; Hondoh, Takeo

p. 78-83, published: Feb 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052501010 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2257

Original paper

Nomenclature tunings in the hollandite supergroup

Biagioni, Cristian; Capalbo, Carmen; Pasero, Marco

p. 85-90, published: Feb 1, 2013

DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2255

Original paper

Starovaite, KCu5O(VO4)3, a new mineral from fumarole sublimates of the Tolbachik volcano, Kamchatka, Russia

Pekov, Igor V.; Zelenski, Michael E.; Yapaskurt, Vasiliy O.; Polekhovsky, Yury S.; Murashko, M Ikhailn.

p. 91-96, published: Feb 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052501012 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2258

Original paper

Shulamitite Ca3TiFe3+ AlO8 - a new perovskite-related mineral from Hatrurim Basin, Israel

Sharygin, Victor V.; Lazic, Biljana; Armbruster, Thomas M.; Murashko, Mikhail N.; Wirth, Richard; Galuskina, Irina O.; Galuskin, Evgeny V.; Vapnik, Yevgeny; Britvin, Sergey N.; Logvinova, Alla M.

p. 97-111, published: Feb 1, 2013

ArtNo. ESP147052501013 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2259

Original paper

CNMNC guidelines for the use of suffixes and prefixes in mineral nomenclature, and for the preservation of historical names

Hatert, Frédéric; Mills, Stuart J.; Pasero, Marco; Williams, Peter A.

p. 113-115, published: Feb 1, 2013

DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2267

Original paper


Kroll, Herbert; Kirfel, Armin; Heinemann, Rolf; Barbier, Bruno

p. 117-117, published: Feb 1, 2013

DOI: 10.1127/0935-1221/2013/0025-2277

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