Original paper

The Use of Male Terminalia in the Higher Classification of Coleoptera

Crowson, Roy A.

Entomologia Generalis Volume 10 Number 1 (1984), p. 53 - 58

29 references

published: Nov 1, 1984

DOI: 10.1127/entom.gen/10/1984/53

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The classificatory value of characters of the aedoeagus and of the segmentum abdominale-9 of male Coleoptera is reviewed, with a brief account of the main literature on the subject and particular reference to recent papers by S. M. Yablokoff-Khnzorian. It is concluded that, though the aedoeagus provides some of the best characters for discrimination of closely related species in many groups of the ordo, its value in classification at familia-group and higher levels is limited and comparable with that of many other characters such as venation and folding of postala, structure of met-endosternitum, cavitas procoxalis, larval spiracula, larval maxillae, types of ommatidial structure, etc, and that attempts to construct classifications of the ordo based mainly on male terminalia structures have produced clearly unnatural results.


Classification of Coleoptera