Original paper

Reply to R. A. Crowson's "Comments on Insecta of the Rhynie Chert" (1985 Entomol. Gener. 11 (1/2): 097-098)

Greenslade, Penelope J. M

Entomologia Generalis Volume 13 Number 1-2 (1988), p. 115 - 117

16 references

published: May 1, 1988

DOI: 10.1127/entom.gen/13/1988/115

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Crowson (1985) has resurrected his earlier suggestion (Crowson 1970) that the fossils Rhyniella Hirst & Maulik 1926 (Collembola) and Protacarus Hirst 1923 (Acarina) from the Devonian Rhynie Chert, are recent contaminants and are not genuine components of the Devonian fauna. He made 3 points in support of his argument which I examine here with particular reference to the Collembola, since I am not qualified to comment on the mite. I show that the arguments put forward by Crowson are without foundation and therefore support Kühne & Schlüter's (1985) contention that there is at present no intrinsic proof of the contaminant theory.


Rhynie Chert