Original paper

Oviposition and Host Object Marking by the Females of Ceutorhynchus floralis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Wojciech Kozlowski, Marek

Entomologia Generalis Volume 14 Number 3-4 (1989), p. 197 - 201

7 references

published: Jul 27, 1989

DOI: 10.1127/entom.gen/14/1989/197

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females of Ceutorhynchus floralis (Paykull 1792) deposit single eggs into the seedpods of the shepherd's purse, Capsella bursa-pastoris and mark the pods with oviposition deterring pheromone (ODP). C. floralis is the second as far reported species among Curculionidae after Ceutorhynchus assimilis (Payku1l 1792) that use ODP for progeny partitioning. It is also the second known species of Coleoptera that actively distribute deterring substance on its host object. This behavior evolved probably together with the specialization related to seedpods parazitation.


Ceutorhynchus floralisCurculionidaeoviposition deterring pheromone (ODP) oviposition behaviorprogeny partitioning