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Observations on Tachinid Parasitoids (Diptera:Tachinidae) of the Winter Webworm Ocnogyna baetica in Spain (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)

Lipa, Jerzy J; Vargas-Osuna, Enrique; O'Hara, James E; Wood, David M; Tschorsnig, Hans P; Santiago-Alvarez, Candido; Aldebis, Hani K; Hernandez-Crespo, Pedro; Caballero, Primitivo

Entomologia Generalis Volume 20 Number 1-2 (1995), p. 73 - 80

31 references

published: Sep 1, 1995

DOI: 10.1127/entom.gen/20/1995/73

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During 1989-XI /1991-I, a total of 7.571 larvae, and in 1991-IV a total of 15 larvae of Ocnogyna baetica (Rambur 1836) field collected in S Spain were reared in the laboratory. 2 specimens of the tachinid Chaetogena obliquata (Fallen 1810) emerged from these collections, one from each 2 host larvae collected in 1991-IV. A total of 1.029 larvae of O. baetica were taken in similar collections during 1992-II/-IV. Specimens of Tryphera lugubris (Meigen 1824), C. obliquata (Fallen 1810) and Gymnophryxe carthaginiensis Bischoff 1900 emerged from these larvae or from pupae. Parasitization reached a maximum of 40.6% in one host population, indicating that tachinids likely play an important role in the natural mortality of O. baetica larvae. T. lugubris is a much more common parasitoid of O. baetica than C. obliquata and G. carthaginiensis.


TachinidaeChaetogena obliquataGymnophryxe carthaginiensisTryphera lugubrisentomophagaparasitoids