Original paper

Electrophysiological and Behavioral Activity of Some Compounds Related to Main Sex Pheromone Components of Megalophanes viciella on Conspecific Males (Lepidoptera: Psychidae)

Subchev, Mitko; Toshova, Teodora; Toth, Miklos; Imrei, Zoltan; Reckziegel, Aurelia

Entomologia Generalis Volume 26 Number 3 (2002), p. 153 - 159

6 references

published: Dec 6, 2002

DOI: 10.1127/entom.gen/26/2002/153

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The main sex pheromone of Megalophanes viciella (Denis & Schiffermüller 1775), 1-methylethyl octanoate (MEO), and R and S isomers of four other long-chain fatty acid esters, were tested both for electroantennographic (EAG) activity on antenna of conspecific males and as possible modifiers of male attraction in the field. MEO gave the highest EAG response on M viciella male antenna followed by the two isomers of 1-methylbutyl octanoate (MBO) and 1-methylbutyl nonanoate (MBN). One of the latter compounds, R-MBO, applied as a 10 or 30% additive to MEO reduced significantly catches of M. viciella males in the field.


Megalophanes viciella (Denis & Schiffermüller 1775)1-methylethyl octanoateelectroantennographylong-chain fatty acid esterspheromone inhibitorsex pheromone