Original paper

Morphology and ultrastructure of the surface of newly hatched larvae of Dastarcus helophoroides (Coleoptera: Bothrideridae)

Mi, Feng; Sun, Xiao; Chen, Jingyuan; Wang, Man-Qun

Entomologia Generalis Volume 35 Number 1 (2014), p. 21 - 32

published: Jul 1, 2014
manuscript accepted: Nov 26, 2013
manuscript received: Jul 15, 2013

DOI: 10.1127/0171-8177/2014/0008

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Abstract The morphology of newly hatched larvae of the important parasitoid beetle Dastarcus helophoroides (Coleoptera: Bothrideridae) was examined by scanning electron microscopy. This study examined the morphological structures of the cephalic, the thoracic, and abdominal regions of newly hatched larvae, and the distribution of sensilla on these structures. Sensilla chaetica and sensilla styloconica were identified on the maxillae, labium and antenna, sensilla chaetica were identified on the labrum and mandible, sensilla basiconica, Bohm’s bristles and sensilla chaetica were found in the thoracic region, and sensilla basiconica were found encircling the body on all abdominal segments. In addition, our comparative morphological observations found no evidence of sexual dimorphism in newly hatched larvae in terms of shape, structure, sensilla distribution or typology.


Parasitoid natural enemyDastarcus helophoroidesnewly hatched larvaultrastructuremorphologyscanning electron microscopy