Paulus, Hannes

Entomologia Generalis Volume 35 Number 1 (2014)

published: Jul 1, 2014
manuscript accepted: Jul 24, 2014

DOI: 10.1127/0171-8177/2014/0161

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Editorial Dear readers and authors of Entomologia Generalis, For more than 30 years Entomologia Generalis has been published by Schweizerbart Science Publishers and under the chief editorship of Prof. August Wilhelm Steffan, who founded the journal in 1974. Prof. Steffan skillfully guided the publication of 34 volumes of Entomologia Generalis which quickly gained outstanding scientific reputation among colleagues, authors and readers so that the journal was quickly included in the Citation Index. Beginning with Vol. 35 of Entomologia Generalis, Prof. Hannes Paulus (Vienna, Austria) has assumed Chief Editorship of the journal and is pleased to present the first double issue of Entomologia Generalis under his auspice. Additionally, Volume 35/1–3 has also received a new, fresh, well-to-read layout. Furthermore the journal is now available online for regular subscribers via the journal’s homepage: www.schweizerbart.com/journals/entomologia. Manuscripts are now submitted electronically via the journal’s Manuscript Management System, accessible via the journal's homepage (see above). The acting Chief Editor, Prof. Hannes Paulus, the editors and the publisher are in the process of securing Entomologia Generalis’ healthy standing in nowadays’ science publishing by reducing publication times while maintaining the journals high review quality. The Editorial Board is also in the process of being reorganized. As a fist step we are happy to welcome Prof. Konrad Dettner, University of Bayreuth, Germany (Animal Ecology), Prof. Peter Schausberger, University of Vienna, Austria (Applied Entomology) and Prof. Thomas Schmitt, Director of Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut, Müncheberg, Germany (Biogeography) as new editors of Entomologia Generalis. The Chief Editor and publisher would like to gratefully thank Prof. August Wilhelm Steffan for his long service as Chief Editor of Entomologia Generalis and we are pleased that Prof. Steffan has consented to continue supporting his journal as a consultant. We cordially invite authors, editors and readers to actively support the journal by submitting new scientific papers to Entomologia Generalis, acting as reviewers or editors and to initiate Special Issues covering certain topics or representing results from workshops and conferences. Looking forward for many more exciting years of Entomologia Generalis. Chief Editor Publishers