Original paper

Macro- and Microstructures in Xylocopa spp. and Reconstruction of two different Mating Positions on dried Specimens

Wittmann, Dieter; Muffert, Anna Maria

Entomologia Generalis Volume 35 Number 3 (2015), p. 167 - 176

published: Nov 26, 2015
published online: Oct 29, 2015
manuscript accepted: Nov 16, 2014
manuscript received: Feb 25, 2014

DOI: 10.1127/entomologia/2015/0010

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Abstract In this study we analysed the various macro- and micro structures of the legs of Xylocopa spp. males. The diverse structures were the basis to reconstruct different mating positions in which the Xylocopa males developed perfect anatomical matches with the corresponding female body parts. The structures also revealed evidence to believe that adhesion forces are used in different Xylocopa spp. to hold fast onto the female during courtship and may well serve to conserve muscular energy. During the analysis of the microstructures we also found an extensive amount of glands on the front, middle and hind legs.


Xylocopa flavorufaXylocopa latipesXylocopa nigritaXylocopa tenuiscapaXylocopa torridacopulating structures