Original paper

Docksides as winter habitats of chub and pikeperch in the channelised Elbe River

Horký, P.; Slaví k, O.; Bartoš, L.; Kolá ř ová, J.; Randá k, T.


To test whether docksides in channelised rivers can provide winter habitats for fish, 19 specimens of chub and 8 specimens of pikeperch were radio-tracked for more than 12 months. Locations of fish were obtained weekly along a 40-km long stretch of the Elbe River in the Czech Republic. Occurrence of chub in docksides was associated with a decrease in water temperature, whilst pikeperch occurrences within docksides were distributed randomly across all seasons. Fish entrance into docksides was not significantly influenced by the flow regime of the river. Both species displayed size-dependent spatial segregation in the adjacent river stretch. Our results showed that the docksides were not permanently occupied by pikeperch or chub across seasons. We suggest that docksides enhance habitat diversity in channelised rivers.


refugetemperatureflowhabitat preferencetelemetry