Original paper

Wolbachia identified in a new crustacean host: an explanation of the prevalence of asexual reproduction in non-marine ostracods?

Baltaná s, A.; Zabal-Aguirre, M.; Pita, M.; Ló pez-Ferná ndez, C.


Wolbachia are cytoplasmic proteobacteria which induce severe modifications in the reproductive behaviour of their arthropod hosts. Although common in insects and terrestrial isopods, Wolbachia have seldom been found in other arthropod groups. Based on PCR amplification and DNA sequencing of Wolbachia 16S rDNA we report the first record of these endosymbiont bacteria in ostracods (Ostracoda), an exclusively aquatic crustacean group. The implications of this finding and the likely links between Wolbachia and ostracod reproductive life-history traits (parthenogenesis and sex-ratio distortion) are discussed.


16s rdnanon-marine ostracodsparthenogenesisdistorted sex-ratios