Original paper

The intensity and spectral composition of upwelling light in relation to the density of Chaoborus flavicans swarms

Horppila, J.; Nurminen, L.


The effects of swarms of Chaoborus flavicans larvae on the quantity and quality of reflected light were experimentally studied. When density of larvae was increased from zero to 7894 ind. m−2, total light reflection (wavelength range 320-800 nm) increased from 7.8 to 9.4 %. At wavelengths 750 nm, the effects of chaoborids on reflectance were insignificant. The positive effect of chaoborids on the reflectance of long wavelength light may reduce their visibility to predators in brown-water lakes were environment is dominated by long wavelength light.


chaoborus flavicansswarmslight reflectionspectral composition