Original paper

Effects of ammonium on growth, nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism of Potamogeton maackianus A. Benn.

Li, Huijuan; Cao, Te; Ni, Leyi


Growth, nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism in relation to eutrophication were studied for a submerged plant Potamogeton maackianus, a species common in East Asian shallow lakes. The plants were grown in six NH4+-N concentrations (0.05, 0.50, 1.00, 3.50, 5.00 and 10.00 mg/L) for six days. NH4+-N levels in excess of 0.50 mg/L inhibited the plant growth. The relationships between external NH4+-N availability and total nitrogen (TN), protein-N, free amino acid-N (FAA-N) and NH4+-N in plant tissues, respectively, conformed to a logarithmic model suggesting that a feedback inhibition mechanism may exist for ammonium uptake. The response of starch to NH4+-N was fitted with a negative, logarithmic curve. Detailed analysis revealed that the influx NH4+-N had been efficiently incorporated into organic-N and eventually stored as protein at the expense of starch accumulation. These data suggest that this species may be able to tolerate high levels of ammonium when dissolved oxygen is sufficient.


eutrophicationammoniumtotal nitrogen (tn)free amino acid (faa)proteinstarchpotamogeton maackianus