Original paper

A new species and subgenus of Lebertia (Acari: Hydrachnidia: Lebertiidae) from the Brenta-Adamello Natural Park (Italian Alps)

Gerecke, Reinhard


Lebertia (Brentalebertia nov. subgen.) hygropetrica nov. spec. is described from deutonymphs and adults of both sexes collected in a cascade spring in the Brenta-Adamello Natural Park (Trentino, Italy). The new taxon differs from all known species of the genus in having doubled acetabula (in adults resulting in three pairs of acetabula on each side of the gonopore), in the shape of the anterior coxal tips (finely pointed and bent downwards), the gnathosoma (very slender and elongated), and palp (stout, with thickened P-4).


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