Original paper

Morphology and histology of cranial and caudal lobes of whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus L.) testes

Hliwa, Piotr; Dietrich, Grzegorz J.; Dietrich, Mariola; Nynca, Joanna; Martyniak, Andrzej; Sobocki, Marek; Stabinski, Robert; Ciereszko, Andrzej


The structure of the testes as well as their histology and sperm motility were investigated for whitefish collected during the winter of 2007 from Lakes Łebsko and the Łeba River (northern Poland) and Lake Gaładuś (northeastern Poland). Two morphologically separated testes lobes, referred to as a cranial (major) and a caudal (minor) lobe, were identified and appeared to be identical to macroscopic structures which have been found in whitefish before. Surprisingly, we found these structures in all fish examined (n = 135 from four samplings). The histological structures of both cranial and caudal parts were described and found to be similar. Spermatozoa collected from both parts could be activated to a similar extent and exhibited similar parameters of swimming speed and trajectory. These results suggest that testes consisting of two separate parts are a normal morphological feature of whitefish testes from these Polish waters.


whitefishgonad morphologytestes histologysperm motilitypolish waters