Original paper

Some diatom species do not show a gradual decrease in cell size as they reproduce

Rose, Dawn T.; Cox, Eileen J.


This paper describes the results of long-term growth in culture of a clone of Gomphonema parvulum, which demonstrates that this taxon, unlike most other diatoms or other parts of G. parvulum, does not decrease in size as it reproduces vegetatively. After a period of eight months in culture, cells were significantly longer although valve widths were more or less the same. It is suggested that flexibility in the girdle region, particularly at the valve apices allows hypovalves to be the same size as, or longer than their corresponding epivalves. This phenomenon may be more widespread but may not have been noticed because the prevailing paradigm that diatoms decrease in size has not been questioned.


cell size reductiondiatomgomphonema parvulumlong-term cultures