Original paper

Phytoplankton community and ecological state of a high-mountain lake within an Important Natural Area (Eastern Black Sea, Turkey)

Taş, Beyhan

Fundamental and Applied Limnology Volume 189 Nr. 1 (2016), p. 51 - 61

published: Nov 1, 2016
published online: Oct 20, 2016
manuscript accepted: Oct 5, 2016
manuscript received: Jul 11, 2016

DOI: 10.1127/fal/2016/0966

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Abstract Lake Aygır (Elmalı) is located on the body of Mount Karagöl on the Giresun Mountains in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. It is a glacial lake at an altitude of 2900 m. In this study, the phytoplankton community and trophic state of Lake Aygır, which is subject to extreme conditions, were examined in the summer season when the lake is not covered with ice. A total of 48 taxa were identified belonging to Bacillariophyta (21), Chlorophyceae (10), Cyanobacteria (7), Ochrophyta (3), Euglenophyta (3), Charophyta (2), Cryptophyta (1) and Miozoa (1). Diatoms dominated both the species diversity and biomass, while among the small centric species, Lindavia (Cyclotella) comensis Grunow showed excessive reproduction. L. bodanica Eulenstein, Achnanthidium minutissimum Kützing and Diatoma mesodon (Ehrenberg) Kützing are the other subdominant taxa. The distribution of algae groups in phytoplankton concentration is as follows: Diatoms > Chlorophytes > Cyanophytes > Ochrophytes. Lake Aygır, which has circum-neutral characteristic, was, according to indicator taxa, diversity indices and trophic classification systems (OECD, TSI, TLI), found to be oligotrophic and clean (1st class).


cirque lakeEastern Black Sea Mountainsglacial lakediversity