Original paper

The role of plant substrate type in shaping the composition and diversity of epiphytic diatom assemblages in a eutrophic reservoir

Fránková, Markéta; Šumberová, Kateřina; Potužák, Jan; Vild, Ondřej

Fundamental and Applied Limnology Volume 189 Nr. 2 (2017), p. 117 - 135

published: Jan 1, 2017

DOI: 10.1127/fal/2016/0936

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Epiphytic diatom communities from the Dehtář fishpond (Czech Republic) were studied in terms of species composition, diversity and functional traits. We asked whether variability among samples is determined by sampled substrate (macrophyte species) or location (sampling site). Twenty-one samples of eleven species of vascular plants (predominantly aquatic macrophytes) and one charophyte species were collected at three sites within the fishpond during one sampling event in June 2015. Altogether, 129 diatom taxa were identified. Species richness ranged from 14 to 46 taxa per sample, with the highest richness for Elatine hydropiper and the lowest for Chara braunii. Surprisingly, the representation of typically periphytic taxa (attached to the substrate) was very low, and did not exceed 16 %. Genera typical for epiphyton were present only marginally. The exception was Gomphonema parvulum agg. On the other hand, facultatively periphytic species of the Fragilariales were dominant as well as motile raphid taxa of the Naviculales. Species assemblages at the three sampling sites differed significantly, including the subset of periphytic diatoms. Species composition at the fishpond dam was more represented by typically periphytic taxa, while the other two sites (bays of the Babický and Dehtářský streams) were dominated by facultatively periphytic taxa, mainly Pseudostaurosira elliptica. These differences can be explained by the differences in environmental conditions among the sites, especially very intensive and frequent wave action typical for most parts of the Dehtář; fishpond. However, no significant differences in diatom species composition dependent on the species of sampled plant substrate were found.


czech republichost plantfunctional typesepiphytondiatomssubstrate specificityfishpond