Original paper

Population structure and growth of freshwater crab Sodhiana iranica from the south of Iran

Sharifian, Sana; Kamrani, Ehsan; Safaie, Mohsen; Sharifian, Salim


Sodhiana iranica Sharifian, Kamrani & Sharifian 2014 is a Gecarcinucidae crab recently identified and found in Southern Iran, where the population structure and growth of the species is studied at the Eelood freshwater spring. A total of 158 crabs were randomly sampled bimonthly between April 2012 and February 2013, of which 89 (56.3 %) and 69 (43.7 %) were males and females, respectively. Population data show multimodal size frequency distributions in both sexes. No significant differences are observed between mean male and female carapace widths. The overall sex ratio (M:F) (1:0.7) is not different from the expected (1:1) ratio. The von Bertalanffy model indicates a slow relative growth in the crab species, with the maximum life-span and natural mortality estimated as 4.9 years and 1.1 (yr–1), respectively. Juvenile recruitment is continuous with a high proportion of young recruits being recorded in the winter. The final results show that proper management is critical for the survival of S. iranica crabs in the freshwater springs of Southern Iran.


growth ratepopulation biologygecarcinucidaevon bertalanffy modelsex ratio