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Distribution and diversity of anammox bacteria in two eutrophic lakes in Wuhan City, China

Zhao, Jianwei; Yin, Xingjia; Huang, Shanshan; Zhang, Yu; Zhu, Duanwei; Hua, Yumei; Zhou, Wenbing; Liu, Guanglong

Fundamental and Applied Limnology Volume 190 Nr. 3 (2017), p. 183 - 187

published: Aug 1, 2017
published online: Jun 22, 2017
manuscript accepted: May 8, 2017
manuscript received: Dec 13, 2016

DOI: 10.1127/fal/2017/1008

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Abstract The present study aims to determine the anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) in the sediments samples from two eutrophic lakes (Lake Donghu and Lake Nanhu) in Wuhan, China by using nested PCR amplification, cloning, and sequencing. Anammox bacteria were reported from all sampling sites, which indicated that anammox bacteria widely exist in eutrophic lakes. However, nine out of ten sampling points showed presence of Candidatus Brocadia fulgida, indicating low diversity of anammox bacteria in eutrophic lakes. The dominance of Candidatus Brocadia fulgida further suggests its possible influence on nitrogen cycling in eutrophic water bodies.


anammox bacteria16S rDNA genephylogenyurban eutrophic lake