Original paper

New evidences of dynamic recrystallization of hornblende in mylonites of lower amphibolite facies from Diancangshan along the Red riverAilaoshan shear zone, SW Yunnan, China

Cao, Shuyun; Liu, Junlai; Leiss, Bernd


Microstructural, submicrostructuraland lattice preferred orientation ananlyses of hornblende porphyroclasts and matrix of amphibolitic mylonites formed in the middle crustal level from Diancangshan, western Yunnan, China New, give evidence for dynamic recrystallizationmainly controlledby a combinationof(IOO)[OOI]-twinningand dislocationgliding or climbing. We suggestto name this specific combinationof deformationmechanisms as 'Twinning Nucleation Recrystallization (TNR) '.