Original paper

The syntectonic emplacement of the Late Variscan Capo Ferro granitoids (HGMC, NE Sardinia, Italy)

Elter, Franco Marco; Padovano, Matteo


We point out for the first time a new system of strike slip shear zones with emplacement of syntectonic granitoids in the Capo Ferro area (NE Sardinia) embedded in a migmatitic complex. The strike slip are NW-SE sinistral shear zones and could be related with the unknown Barrabisa shear zone that crops out in the Palau area, in the most western part. It would appear a system of shear of about 40-50 Km, with syntectonic granitoids belonging to late Carboniferous final stage of the uplift that affected the Variscan Sardinian belt.