Original paper

Thermobarometric studies within the eastern Bavarian Forest (Bohemian Massif, Moldanubian zone of the Central European Variscides): How homogeneous is the "Bavaricum"?

Klein, Thomas; Zulauf, Gernold; Teipel, Ulrich; Rohrmulle, Johann


Thermobarometric investigestions at eleven sites in the Bavarian Forest reveal slight, but significant differences considering the peak metamorphic degree ofmetatectic and granulitic rocks within the Bavarian Forest. The latter is forming the SW margin of the Bohemian Massif and consists of rocks belonging to the HT-metamorphic Moldanubian Unit of the Central European Variscides. Historically, the region has been called the "Bavaricum" suggesting an indistingnishable geological body. However, differing P-T values and cooling histories as well as recent age data suggest the so-called "Bavaricum" to consist of rocks that do not share one and the same geodynamic evolution.