Original paper

Triassic (Cimmerian) orogenic processes in the External Hellenides - Kythira, Greece: New age constraints from radiometric dating of felsic orthogneiss

Lode, Stefanie; Zulauf, Gernold; Dorr, Wolfgang; Fiala, Jiri; Lahaye, Vann; Xypolias, Paris


:Triassic (Cimmerian) V-Pb zircon ages of orthogneisses from Kythira provide additional data to support a possible geodynamic model with southward directed subduction for the Cambrian to Jurassic evolution of the pre-Alpine basement of Crete and of the Carboniferous to Triassic evolution of the Kythira basement, which is proposed by Xypolias et al. 2006, Romano et al. 2006 and Zulaufet al. 2008.