Original paper

Magnetic susceptibility variations and their correlation with geochemical signatures in the Mashad granitic pluton, NE Iran

Motlagh, Amir Navab; Pandit, Manoj K.; Ghalamghash, Jalil; de Wall, Helga


:Emplacement of the Mashhad pluton in NE Iran is related to magmatic evolution at a convergent margin during closure of the Paleotethys. The pluton is formed by individual batches with S-type and I-type characteristics. Magnetic susceptibility is strongly variable but can be discriminatedinto three types (low: <7x 10-5 si, intermediate:<1.25 x10-3, high:> 4 x10-3). High to intermediate susceptibilitiesare present in the southernpart of the pluton which are S-type to I-type in character. The northern low-susceptibilityarea forms a later batch with S-type characteristics.