Original paper

Is there a correlation between permeability and thermal conductivity? Interpretation of characteristics in anisotropic formations

Sass, Ingo


In ongoing investigationsat the Institue of Applied Geosciences of the Technische Universitat Darmstadt (lAG) by means of geological-geothermallaboratory, and field work geothermal characteristicsof drill core samples are investigarted. A goal of these work is it to investigate the anisotropy of heat conductivity and permeability by petrological and sedimentologicalapproaches. In other works the relationshipbetween heat conductivity and porosity was already proven. The latest results demonstratethat an increased permeability of dry drill cores does not correspond necessarily with a decrease of dry heat conductivity. Data of anisotropic sandstones, limestones and crystallinerocks will be presented.