Original paper

The Role of Strike-Slip Tectonics in the Leinetal Graben, Lower Saxony

Tanner, David; Leiss, Bernd; Vollbrecht, Axel; Kallweit, Wiebke; Meier, Silke; Oelrich, Asdis; Reyer, Dorothea


A detailed examination and interpretation of outcrop data suggest the Leinetal Graben is dissected and partly bounded by strike-slip faults. We envisage a two-part tectonic history in which firstly Cretaceous N-S compression caused east-west extension (the bounding faults of the Leinetal Graben) and dextral strike-slip on the Ahlsburg Lineament. Later, the major stress axes rotated anticlockwise, so that the maximum horizontal stress was oriented NW-SE. The bounding graben faults and the Ahlsburg Lineament were then subject to sinistral shearing. The last stress phase is similar to the present-day situation.