Original paper

"Parameters controlling the distribution of large ore deposits, ore clusters, mineral belts and metallogenic provinces"—a four year international project

Heyl, Alen V.; Kutina, Jan

Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 1 Number 4 (1982), p. 440 - 443

13 references

published: Dec 1, 1982

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The principal aims of the project are: (1) to exchange experience from the studies of deepseated controls of mineralization and concentrate on specific questions (listed below) that require comparison of conflicting data, international debate, and a detailed research; (2) to study geological, geophysical and geochemical parameters that have controlled the genesis and distribution of the largest, sometimes unique concentrations of metals in the earth's crust; (3) to initiate application and testing of new observations and ideas generated from the first workshop that may help in the search for new mineral deposits.