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Problems of global tectonics and metallogeny. Need for a systematic approach

Kutina, Jan

Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 1 Number 1 (1978), p. 2 - 9

18 references

published: Jul 1, 1978

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FIRST ISSUE O F THE BU LLETIN Member s of C TOD, e speciallyofficer s of the CTOD wo rking group s and a few other colleagu e s, wer e encou -raged to contribute to the fir s t i s sue of the bulletin. Five paper s in thi s i s sue belong t9 the topic of WG 1 ' Global T e c tonic s and Metallogeny. ' One of them is by P. W. Guild, chairman of the lUGS Sub - commi s s ion for Metallogenic Map of the Wo rld, r eviewing the principle s and progr e s s o f thi s large proj ect. A paper by J. Kutina and M. F. No rton di s cu s s es the mosaic of la rge ba sins and uplifts in the ea s tern half of the United State s, concluding that it r e -fle cts a block structu r e o f the Pre cam -brian ba s ement and str e s sing its im -portanc e fo r metallogeny and mine ral exploration. Anothe r paper by J. Ku -tina and W. D. Carter supe rimpo se s a te ctolinear inte rpretation of a 1: 5, 000, - 000 satellite mo saic on the struc ture of ba sins and uplifts of the same ter rito ry, revealing the nature of some lineaments. The pape r by 1. N. Tomson and V. S. K ravtsov on conc entric metallogenic zone s conne cted with arched uplifts in the broad r e gion of T ransbaikal is of a special inte r e s t with r e gard to the role of ba s ement tectonics in metallo -geny. Thi s paper, at the same time, give s an example of metallo genic studi e s in r e gions of activization a s conducted in the USSR by A. D. Shche glov, 1. N. Tom son, arid other s. D. L. Baar s of the Fort Lewi s College i n Colo rado wa s invited to pre ­ s ent a ske tch of the main lineaments in the Cordille ran r e gion of the United 3 State s, which have been the subject of num e rou s s tudie s by U. S. geolo gi s ts during the la st de cade s. Baar s i s adding a new one: the no rthwe st - trending Olympic- Wichita Lineament. His study balanc e s our attention paid to both parts of the United State s, the eastern and the we stern one, and will be followed by other contributions in the next is sue s. A contribution from WG2 'Structure of Or e Field s and Ore Depo sits, ' bringing an example of analysis from New Mexico (by C. H. Maxwell and A. V. Heyl) is, fo r te chnical rea sons, left for the s econd is sue. The WG 3 i s repr e s ented by a paper by F. P. A gterbe r g and A. G. Fabbri of the Geomathemati c s Section of the Geological Survey of Canada. Thi s pa -per should introduc e the inaugural meeting of WG 3 ' Statistical T r eatment of T e c tonic and Mine ral Depo sit Data, planned fo r Snowbird. B. Choube r t, co -chairman of WG4 Te ctonic Setting of Depo sits A s so ciated with Magmatic Rocks ' submitted two pape r s. One of them, conc erning evo -lution of the Earth ' s c ru s t, ba s ed on mea surement of area s of orogens, i s included i n thi s i s sue. The othe r paper, 'A tectonic sketch of continent s at the s cale of 1: 10, 000, 000 ' i s planned for the s e cond i s sue. Within a s e c tion called "Di s cu s s ion of Open Que stions, " a pap e r by P. Zuffardi deal s with the c r edibility of lineaments appearing on satellite ima -ge s. Hi s paper may initiate a systema -tic di s cu s sion of lineaments detected by differ ent methods at diffe rent s cale s. U nde r "Reviews " we have a r eport by B. Bogdanov, Secr eta ry Gene ral of the la st IAGOD s ympo sium which wa, s held at Varna, Bulga ria, iIi 1974 and had the gr eate st inte rnational partici -pation of all IAGOD meeting s. R. H. Sillito e and R. A. Hodg son r eport on two impo rtant event s from the mo st r e c ent time, one a meeting on Metallo -


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