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The Magnetic lineament map of China and adjacent sea areas

Mei, Jiang; Kaiyi, Ma

Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 3 Number 4 (1991), p. 193 - 212

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published: Jan 1, 1991

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The "Magnetic Lineament Map of China and Adjacent Sea Areas" is compiled on the basis of qualitative and quantitative interpretation of various kinds of magnetic survey data (land, sea and air) obtained over more than thirty years. Our purpose is to fully utilize these data sets to investigate the regional geological structures of China, particularly the deep structures under covered regions and under the sea. Focal point of the study is to define magnetic zones and the relationship of magnetic lineations to geologic factors, such as tectonic units, structural evolution, crustal fold belts, and depressed basins. This provides the basic information for further investigations of the relationship to distribution of regional resources. For comparison with the magnetic data we have also compiled "The Gravity Lineament Map of China and Adjacent Sea Areas". This map shows only two orders of lineaments, as the data used are of different origins and have different scales and accuracies. We interpreted the data in sections and joined the interpreted linear magnetic features from the different data sets. Statistical analysis and qualitative delineation of the linear magnetic features permitted ignoring the differences in background values and allowed us to connect the locations of the magnetic lineations of the various survey areas. Because of the specified compilation scale of 1:1000000, we were forced to ignore many small or closely spaced lineations during construction of the final map.


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