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Graphite-Ilmenite Mineralization in Tin Deposits - An Indicator of Mantle Gas Jets (Primorie Region, USSR)

Tomson, I. N.; Polyakova, O. P.; Polohov, V. P.

Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 3 Number 2-3 (1989), p. 101 - 106

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published: Jan 1, 1989

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The authors describe a very unusual mineral association, including graphite, ilmenite and sulfides which are accompanied by native elements and occur in zones of crumpling and in the cement of explosive pipes in the tin deposits of Kavalerovo mining district, Primorie, USSR. The native elements, present as accessory components, include iron, tin, lead, iridium, osmium and even zinc and aluminum, as well as mixtures or solid solutions of some of them. The above minerals have been studied by X-ray diffraction, emission spectrography and microscopically. The occurrence of the native metals, their association with a carbonaceous material and other criteria indicate a highly reducing environment and is interpreted as having originated from dry mantle gases.


Primorie RegionUSSRtin depositgraphitilmenitsulfidKavalerovo