Original paper

Aeromagnetic Lineament Study in the Olary Province, South Australia

Ukaigwe, N. F.

Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 4 Number 4 (1995), p. 175 - 188

53 references

published: Aug 4, 1995

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Several of the most important endogenous mineral deposits are in direct or indirect relation with patterns of deep-seated fracture zones (Kutina, 1974, 1976, Favorskaya, 1977, Kosigin, 1974 and others). Therefore the discovery and study of partial disposition of fractures are important objects for geophysicists. The aeromagnetic lineaments in the Olary Province were studied in an area of 18,000 km2 in the Willyama Complex area of South Australia. The aeromagnetic lineament directions show four preferred orientations (N30 - 75E; N280 - 319E; N50 - 75E; N75 - 100E), and they are concentrated into some zones of the same orientation. The lineaments themselves coincide in several cases with faults, which have been active since the Precambrian. The distribution of plutonics and migmatites coincides with these zones, in which patterns of foliation, lineation and minor folds result from shearing along zones.


aeromagneticmineralplutonicPrecambrianOlary ProvinceSouth Australia