Original paper

Large-scale structural-geological setting of the Bayan Obo iron-REE deposit, China

Drew, Lawrence J.; Qingrun, Meng

Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 5 Number 1-2 (1995), p. 33 - 36

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published: Nov 27, 1995

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The Bayan Obo iron-niobium-rare-earth orebodies are situated in Inner Mongolia on the northern edge of the Sino-Korean Plate. This edge is a rifted margin resulting from an intracontinental rift that took place 1.7 to 1.85 Ga. Available data suggest that this rifted margin with the exception of the emplacement of granite plutons during the Caledonian cycle (Early Cambrian through the Silurian), remained passive, until collision with the Siberian Plate during Hercynian time (296-245 Ma). During this collision, large volumes of granite were generated. The older sedimentary and magmatic rocks occur today as roof pendants or are surrounded largely by these granites. Satellite image data reveal a pattern of thrusting and folding in the Bayan Obo region that is interpreted to be consistent with the behavior of passive margin stratigraphy during continental collision (Drew & Meng, 1990). Strong magnetic and gravity anomalies and moderate radioactive anomalies are characteristic of the deposit.


Bayan OboInner Mongoliaintercontinental riftgranitemagmatic rocks