Original paper

Deep structural setting of granitoids and their metallogeny in South China

Hong, Dawei; Xie, Xilin; Zhang, Jisheng

Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 6 Number 3-4 (1998), p. 181 - 186

8 references

published: Jan 1, 1998

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By the use of data on initial strontium ratios for over 300 plutons, oxygen isotopes for more than 200 plutons and nyodymium isotopes for more than 100 plutons, the granites of south China are divided into seven belts. The isotopic characteristics suggest that the continental growth of south China interior was largely through recycling of pre-existing crustal materials without juvenile crust formation and important mantle input since the middle Proterozoic. The seven granitic belts mentioned above belong to the different lithospheric plates that have different composition basement and differences in the extent and nature of interaction between mantle and crust. The different geodynamic settings of the lithospheric plates could have controlled the characteristics of the granites and their related mineralization.


granitoidSouth Chinastrontiumlithospheric plate