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Design of an international data base of giant metal accumulations

Laznicka, Peter

Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 6 Number 3-4 (1998), p. 215 - 224

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published: Jan 1, 1998

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The rapid progress of industrial globalization and the trend towards mass production of mineral commodities from a relatively small number of super-mines drives and supports research into the geological/geochemical nature of giant metal accumulations. This topic has been the subject of several conferences in the past five years, and the literature elaborating on the conditions that control giant metal accumulations in nature now counts over a hundred references. Unfortunately, there is only limited international cooperation concerning information on giant metal accumulations and general conclusions about giant deposits as a class are based on information collected from only some 10-20 % of known deposits; these same deposits have been repeatedly studied and described, often in minute detail. This information base needs to be expanded and up-to-date information on several hundred giant deposits of all metals around the world, in English and in uniform style to facilitate comparison, should be prepared. This task can be accomplished in the framework of the IGCP Project 354 and it is proposed that an international data base of giant metal accumulations be compiled and eventually published. Compiling this data base will need to be an international cooperative venture involving several hundred co-workers from the 56 countries endowed with giant deposits. Every contribution, about 5 to 6 pages long (intermediate in length and style between a data file entry and a review paper) will cover one "giant metal accumulation". In this paper a template for a single entry (record) is provided that describes comprehensibly one giant metal accumulation. Also provided is a "sample run" that covers the large Thompson nickel deposit in Manitoba, Canada.


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