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Sectoral tectonics of the Earth's eastern hemisphere and its crucial role in localization of giant ore deposits, prominent rift systems and large flood basalt provinces

Kochemasov, G. G.

Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 6 Number 3-4 (1998), p. 195 - 198

4 references

published: Jan 1, 1998

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A number of the solar system's planets and satellites (e.g. Venus, Mars, Earth, Moon, 10, Miranda) show a sectoral structure of their continental hemispheres (Kochemasov, 1993, 1994a). On the Earth this structure is well developed in its eastern hemisphere where intersection of two planetary weakness zones (seams) forms 4 sectors (fig.): two opposite differently uplifted (Afro-Mediterranean /7+8/ + +, Asian /3+4/ +) and separating them two opposite differently subsided ones (Eurasian /1 +2/ -, Indoceanic /5+6/, - -). An area of intersection of the seams roughly coincides with the Pamirs-Hindukush mountain massif (it is significant that antipodal to this massif is Easter lsl. - a prominent high on oceanic floor of the western hemisphere). This sectoral morphotectonic division is of fundamental nature because it has through character and can be traced down to the core-mantle boundary (CMB). Depressions (lows) of the CMB correspond to the uplifted sectors, bulges (highs) to the subsided ones, i.e., there is a mirror reflection (Morelli and Dziewonski, 1987). Geoid shape, depending on mantle density at several hundred kilometers depth, has a direct relation with the relief: positive geoid anomalies correspond to the uplifted sectors, negative ones to the subsided sectors. The mantle-crust boundary is raised in the subsided and dropped in the uplifted sectors. The upper mantle density is increased in the subsided sectors (gravimetry data). The largest geoid minimum - Indoceanic, -112 m - occurs in strongly subsided Indoceanic sector (- -). Peculiarities of magmatism and ore deposits directly depending on tectonics show correlation with the sectors.


Sectoral tectoniclarge flood basalt provincePamirs-Hindukush mountainmantle-crustgeoid