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Multifractal modelling of the sizes and grades of giant and supergiant deposits

Agterberg, F. P.

Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 6 Number 2 (1996), p. 131 - 136

15 references

published: Jul 31, 1996

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The high-value tails of the sizes and size-grade distributions for sets of mineral deposits can often be modelled as Pareto distributions plotting as straight lines on log-log paper. The multifractal model for size-grade distributions proposed here reflects self-similarity (approximate scale independence) of the underlying spatial distributions of the deposits. It predicts that the majority of deposits of the same type can be described by a lognormal distribution but the largest deposits in the tail are controlled by a hyperbolic instead of the lognormal law. This topic is important because most ore comes from the relatively few giants and supergiants in a population of mineral deposits of the same type.


multifractalmineral depositsize-gradeorehyperbolic