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Field verification of remotely-sensed regional lineaments in the Bonaparte Basin, Northwestern Australia

Elliott, C.; Wilson, C. J. L.; Joyce, E. B.; Campbell, I. B.

Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 6 Number 2 (1996), p. 141 - 146

13 references

published: Jul 31, 1996

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The onshore Bonaparte Basin is given as an example of the application of remote sensing techniques to the investigation of regional lineaments and their influence on basin history and morphology. The study area is located at the intersection of three continental scale gravity lineaments, the NNE G5, NW G11 and NS G12. The influence of these lineaments extends well outside the Basin. The G11 continental scale lineament comprises a number of parallel, NW lineaments which in themselves can be further subdivided reflecting their scale invariant nature. A component of the G11, the NW B1 satellite lineament can be traced across the Basin where its influence on structure and morphology can be documented from field observations. Correlation of present day surface expression with subsurface structure at Devonian and Carboniferous horizons indicate the antiquity and longevity of the lineaments.


remote sensingmorphologygravity lineamentdevoniancarboniferous