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Metallogenic preferentiality and exceptional metallotect convergence (site) of giant ore deposits

Pei, Rongfu; Wu, Liangshi; Xiong, Qunyao

Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 6 Number 2 (1996), p. 103 - 105

9 references

published: Jul 31, 1996

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Giant ore deposits, which are not many in the world, mostly show a "point" distribution at a certain tectonic position. We designate the character of preferential occurrence of such an ore deposit at a given tectonic position as "metallogenic preferentiality". Analysis of the origin and metallogenic association of giant ore deposits indicates that giant ore deposits are surrounded by or associated with numerous signs of mineralization, and small ore deposits or occurrences of particular types, especially heteromorphic or derivative deposits, which have metallogenic affinity with them. These associated deposits define a metallogenic spectrum with giant ore deposits that has often gone unrecognized. Giant ore deposits may still be regarded as the product of a series of metallogenic processes ranging from mineralization, ore clustering, to effective peak ore-forming events that define a metallogenic path that it is sometimes possible to trace. Although giant ore deposits have a traceable path of evolution, there still exist two problems important to basic metallogenic research: (1) why giant ore deposits occur preferentially at particular tectonic positions (preferentiality) and (2) why mineralization is especially concentrated in a single giant ore deposit.


giant ore depositstectonicheteromorphicmetallogenicmineralization