Original paper

The position of Ural Mts. massive sulfide regions in the pattern of Eurasian lineaments

Kuzebny, V.S.; Ponomaryov, E.S.

Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 6 Number 1 (1996), p. 3 - 8

33 references

published: Aug 1, 1996

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The Uralian metallogenic belt occurs within the north-south trending Ural-Omanian transcontinental lineament*. It has been shown that the regions with massive sulfide mineralization are controlled by nodes of intersection of the above lineament (in the Middle and South Urals) with lineaments of other trends, or are connected with rift structures within the Ural-Omanian lineament (in the Mugodzhary). The pyrite- and copper-pyrite-rich portions of the belt are related to deep seated faults of the Ural-Omanian lineament which expose subcrustal strata of the lithosphere. However, the size and productivity of the districts are determined by the complexity of geological structure and by specific ore-controlling features of individual segments of the Ural-Omanian lineament.


ural mtssulfide regionseurasian lineaments