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Specific crustal features of large and superlarge endogenic gold deposits (Siberia and Far East regions)

Konstantinov, M.M.; Cherkasov, S.V.; Dankovtsev, R.F.; Egorkin, A.V.

Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 7 Number 2 (1999), p. 143 - 147

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published: Dec 1, 1999

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It is well known that 40 to 50 percents of the world ore production belongs to large and superlarge ore deposits. The origin of such accumulations is believed to be governed by the deep Earth processes. Logically, the search for mineral deposits should be started by a study of deep structure. Such researches have been considered rather as a part of fundamental science than as a target of practical ore geology. In part, this situation is reasoned by a traditional way of ore prospecting so as the prospecting itself started long before we have got any tools for the investigation of deep Earth structure. The deep structure modelling usually follows the practical geology, and that way we get an explanation of already known facts instead of the prediction for unknown ore accumulations. The work presented in this paper does not pretend, of course, to solve the problem completely, but it reveals some ways for the study of deep crustal structure. The method was applied to the regions containing large gold accumulations: Olympiada (Siberia), Lensky district, and Dukat (Russian Far East). Our work is based on more than ten years researches of the deep crustal structure in the ore-bearing regions.


crustal featureslarge and superlarge endogenic gold depositsSiberiaFar East