Original paper

Are there mineralogical criteria of large and superlarge mineral deposits?

Rundqvist, D. V.

Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 9 (2007), p. 16 - 16

published: Jan 1, 2007

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Since 1995 the IGCP Project 354 "Economic Superaccumulations of Metals in the Lithosphere" (Leader - Pei Rongfu, Co-leaders - J. Kutina, P. Laznicka, D.v. Rundqvist.) has been carried out. The main goal of the Project is a database of the large and superlarge mineral deposits (LSMD) together with definition of geological factors and petrologic-mineralogical criteria for their development and distribution. The research allows us to define that LSMD are characterized by: Restricting to the structures with deep mantle roots (plumes, hot spots, mantle magmatism in the nodes of lineament intersections, etc.) and mixing of fluids and metals from mantle and crustal sources.


superlarge mineral depositslithospheregeologicalmagmatism