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Mineralogy of the superlarge Linglong gold deposit in Shandong Province, N. China

Chen, G. Y.; Sun, D. S.; Shao, W.; Y. Chen,

Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 9 (2007), p. 13 - 13

published: Jan 1, 2007

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The mining history of the superlarge Linglong Gold Deposit can be dated back to 1007 AD in Song Dynasty. Its gold production from a few quart? Iode veins had already totaled over 200t before 1949. Its hosting rocks are four generations of the sheared Mesozoic regenerated granitoids, cut by 543 auriferous quartz veins and veinlet-disseminated hydrothermal alteration zones, out of which at least 387 have already been proved to be industrially valuable. The maximum length for the former and the latter is over 5000m and up to 4500m respectively.


linglong gold depositshandong provincemesozoicquarz veinsnorthern china