Comparative limnological study of four Danube backwaters in Lower Austria, from 1991 to 1994

Schagerl, M.; Donabaum, K.; Janauer, G. A.

Large Rivers Vol. 10 No. 1-4 (1996), p. 457 - 462

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veröffentlicht: Sep 18, 1996

DOI: 10.1127/lr/10/1996/457

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Four Danube backwaters created by the construction of impoundments for hydroelectric power plants (Greifenstein, Altenwörth, Emmersdorf, Melk) are characterized by hydrochemical parameters and phytoplankton assemblages using a 4-year data base (1991-1994). The catchment areas, on either silicate or carbonate rocks, are responsible for basic differences in geochemical parameters in the waterbodies, which are highly eutrophic. Phytoplankton development is partly influenced by short retention times. Altenwörth, Emmersdorf and Melk backwaters are running waters with a low velocity, whereas Greifenstein is a stagnant waterbody.


silicatecarbonate rocksgeochemicalAltenwörthEmmersdorfMelkDanube